Le Biberon Tout en 1

Le biberon se plie et se déplie jusqu'à 330 ml, selon vos besoins. Il est gradué de 30ml en 30 ml
Emportez-le avec sa poudre de lait à l'intérieur, durant 15 jours sans souci.
Instantanément Prêt! Et Hop! Dépliez et ajoutez l'eau à la poudre préalablement déposée.
Anti-Coliques : Abaissez les sections vides pour expulser l'air et soulager bébé
Accessible à la main, même dans les coins et recoins, si nécessaire. 


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Well, What a Revolution

Betty R.

Milk Dispenser Bottles = Instant Bottle,
Anywhere, Anytime

Hermetic Milk Storage

Keep your baby's favorite infant formula spoons securely stored inside the collapsed Bibeon. In fact, it serves as a perfect airtight container to safely store your powder for up to 15 days. When prefilled and collapsed, your Bibeon has the same volume as when it is empty. So, why carry milk dispensers and large bottles separately?

Efficient Anti-colic System

With innovative technology designed to expel air efficiently, Bibeon ensures a serene and restful experience for your baby. Bibeon's adaptable size lets you adjust and fold empty pleats to match the liquid level remaining inside the bottle, this means efficiently expelling air and fighting those painful colic issues.

Indoors: Time Saver

Sick of having to prepare a bottle last minute, amidst the hungry cries of the baby, at home, on-the-go or at friend's place? Have your bottles ready any time, whether at home, for those late night feedings or at friend's place. Our bottles for newborn babies can prepare milk in a snap! Prepare in advance by storing milk powder securely inside the compact, hermetic Bibeon. Now, feed baby without waiting. Simply expand when it's time for feeding, add the water and voilà!

Outdoors : Space Saver

Fed up with feeling like you're moving house each time you step out with baby? We've got you covered! Here's your Collapsible baby bottle-Dispenser. Whether on plane, in a hotel, or in the train, this all-in-one bottle streamlines the feeding process, offering hassle-free preparation! Travel with a space-saving made-ready solution without compromising on bottle capacity : 11 oz.


The Game-Changer

On-the-Go Ease

Lightweight and effortlessly portable for convenience on any adventure. Forget about moving house each time you step out with your baby, and instead, take all your pre-prepared bottles in a small handbag. Travel continents with ease!


Our baby bottle's smart construction promotes swift air drying. If necessary, you can also hand-dry it promptly, especially in those rushed moments, such as at a hotel, when waiting for it to air-dry is not an option before adding your powder. Fold it up and utilize an ultra clean disposable fabric and have it dried in a second.

Easy Clean-Tech

A traditional bottle brush is all you need to keep it squeaky clean. Additionnally, simply fold it up, and every nook and cranny becomes easily reachable by hand.

Un symbole d'Excellence : Sécurité et Responsabilité

"This is the Unique Organic,
Ecofriendly bottle
every parent should have"

Desperate, as always, about the safety of the bottle, whether it's glass, silicone or plastic? Unique! 50% Organic, Plant-based, and Lab-certified zero plastic residue, in baby's milk.

Our baby bottles are designed to provide a healthy and sustainable alternative to traditional plastic or glass bottles. By using bio-plastics and plant-based materials, Bibeon helps reduce carbon footprint while ensuring the food safety of your baby.

  • BPA-Free: Our bottles are manufactured without Bisphenol A (BPA), a potentially harmful chemical compound, providing complete peace of mind regarding your child's safety.
  • Bio-plastic: By utilizing plant-based materials, we reduce our carbon footprint while ensuring the durability of our products. Choosing Bibeon means contributing to environmental preservation for future generations.
  • Zero Plastic in Milk: With our bottles certified by the National Testing Laboratory, you can be certain that no trace of plastic will end up in your baby's milk. Our commitment to food safety is unwavering.
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Unique Grip Friendly-Design

... Easily graspable by all babies & toddlers without any exceptions
Alexia and Lise

The bottles are TOP.

Lise can hold them all by herself because they are lightweight.

You can twist them or pre-fill them with milk, which is convenient!... We keep one at the daycare, one for outings, and the other four are at home

Alexia N.
Mom of 6-month old Oliver

This is THE bottle that every parent must have! ...Baby loves it... it's the first bottle that he manages to hold so well; it's just great and of superb quality. I approve and recommend it to everyone!

Mila baby

This bottle is revolutionnary

Mila's Mom
Sydney 9-month old

...These bottles are fantastic, easy to clean, and take up
very little space, a real revolution. I recommend them to

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