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This is the very first time a baby bottle is made up of 50% plant-based plastic. Moreover, it's the very first time a bottle is crafted from polypropylene plastic, naturally flexible and entirely free from BPA! It's the only plastic that's naturally devoid of all bisphenols. No other bottle is made from plant-based plastic or polypropylene. Bibeon is unique, for your baby's well-being

Unique : Baby's Milk Silicone & Plastic Free

This isn't your classic bottle. The baby milk stored in Bibeon is the purest milk ever obtained. The migration results - published below - conducted by the prestigious National Testing Laboratory, confirmed that no modification could be detected in the baby milk due to plastic or silicone materials.

Created by a Baby Advocate

This product embodies over a decade of commitment by a hospital baby advocate in France (2000-2011), ensuring the highest quality and safety.

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Zero Plastic & Silicone in baby's milk

The Safest Bottles Ever !

Bibeon's partly plant-based materials ensure that there are no plastic microparticles in your baby's milk. Made from sustainable materials, these bottles are designed to be durable and long-lasting, ensuring they can be reused again and again. With a modern design, our eco-friendly bottles are not only environmentally conscious but also stylish and convenient for everyday use.

All bottle colors, rings, and caps have been subjected to migration tests at the prestigious National Testing Laboratory in France. The results revealed a plastic micro-particle content "below the detection threshold, which is 6mg/kg" for each one of the 3 components flask, ring, cap. Note that European and French legislation on materials in contact with food allow bottles whose content is less than 60 mg/kg/ component! Bibeon is thus at least 10 to 30 times times safer than any bottle on the market, and on top of that, it is attested it contains no trace of residual plastic in the milk that baby drinks.

Giving your baby a plant-based bottle that is 100% free from any plastic residue in his milk is THE option n°1 to the best possible start in life!

Original Test Results