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There were a few hundred reviews on Amazon regarding Bibigo, the Bibeon from 2017-2018, and if nothing remains of it, it is precisely because of the discontinuation of the business. However, a few users left their comments on the reputable parent testers' website. They are not many, but they provide an insight into how parents received Bibeon, taking into account the fact that many were unaware that all its nooks and crannies could be accessed simply by folding it completely, if the need arose...

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Toni's Testimony


In a recent case study, we examined the practicality and effectiveness of the Bibeon instant baby bottle with Toni, user's testimonial. This collapsible-expandable-adaptable size bottle proved to be a game-changer for parents. With its unique design, the Bibeon bottle effortlessly transitions from a compact, easy-to-carry form to a fully functional feeding bottle.

One of the standout features of the Bibeon bottle is its universal size of 11 oz, which accommodates babies from 6 months until they become toddlers. This eliminates the need for multiple bottles as the baby grows. Additionally, the bottle's collapsible nature allows for convenient transportation, making it perfect for travel or outings.

Furthermore, the Bibeon bottle prioritizes safety and sustainability. Toni was also pleased to know that Bibeon was 50% plant-based and completely safe, with published migration reviews, ensuring that no plastic residue would contaminate his daughter's milk, and that it wasn't just an advertising promise as is often the case. Overall, this case study highlights the Bibeon baby bottle as a must-have accessory for parents seeking convenience during travels, versatility and safety in their baby's feeding routine, in general.

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Gisela's Testimony

The Ultimate Companion

Gisela, a busy working mother in Sweden, who needed a practical and versatile solution to feed her baby on the go, stumbled upon Bibeon, a unique collapsible-expandable-adaptable size travel baby bottle, which proved to be a game-changer for her and her little one.

Gisela, a frequent traveler, was tired of carrying bulky and inconvenient baby bottles during her outings. That's when she discovered Bibeon, a one-of-a-kind travel baby bottle that could be collapsed for easy transport and expanded to its universal size of 11 oz when needed. The bottle's innovative design allowed Gisela to prepare it at home by prefilling it with milk powder, making feeding time outdoors hassle-free. With just a few simple steps, she could expand the bottle, add water, shake, and feed her baby with ease. The simplicity of Bibeon's 1-2-3 process made it a convenient and time-saving solution for Gisela, enabling her to provide nourishment to her baby effortlessly, no matter where they were.

Furthermore, Bibeon's adaptability was a game-changer for Gisela's baby. As the bottle emptied, she could adjust its size to eliminate excess air and make it easier for her little one to grip. This feature not only enhanced the baby's feeding experience but also provided a comfortable and secure hold.