“My entire life can be summed up in this bottle, sacrified at the altar of babies.

— Suzanne de Bégon

Bibeon by Bledina


Bibeon was first launched in 2000 by Blédina under my patent license.

Its success was meteoric, as evidenced by the results published from the two tests before and after the launch.

However, fate had other plans, so I decided to terminate the contract to regain my freedom of speech and not harm the Blédina brand. I became a whistleblower for babies

Bilan du test post-lancement

184 questionnaires réalisés aupres de mamans ayant entendu parler de Bibéon

  • 56% avaient acheté et utilisé Bibéon
  • 40% ne l’avaient pas acheté et 4% l’avaient acheté mais pas encore utilisé


A whistle-blower for babies 2011

Baby bottles in French maternity wards are said to be sterilized with ethylene oxidea carcinogenic gas. An investigation was launched urgently. For 12 years, Suzanne de Bégon has been fighting against this sterilization
Xavier Bertrand (AFP)
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Toxic Baby Bottles: Minister of Health wants to pursue the investigation to the end

After the revelations by 'Le Nouvel Observateur,' the Minister of Health is requesting the withdrawal of bottles and teats sterilized with ethylene oxide. He has also initiated an investigation by the IGAS (General Inspectorate of Social Affairs)..

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January 2010
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Toxic Baby bottles

In maternity wards, disposable nipples and bottles have been illegally sterilized for years using a highly toxic gas: ethylene oxide

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Les biberons
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Toxic Baby Bottles: Industries and government authorities were aware and did nothing

Suzanne de Bégon is indeed the entrepreneur who revealed the affair of the ethylene oxide baby bottles. For decades, toxic ethylene oxide has been used to disinfect the nipples of baby bottles distributed in maternity wards. Both government authorities and industries were aware but did nothing.

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Suzanne de Bégon
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"Women of the week" : Suzanne de Bégon

Because this commercial engineer fought for ten years to reveal the affair of toxic baby bottles

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Xavier Bertrand (AFP)
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Biberons toxiques : "Victoire !"

Après 10 ans de bataille, Suzanne de Bégon savoure la fin du scandale des biberons toxiques. Et attend les responsables de pied ferme. Interview. 

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Le combat de Suzanne de Bégon contre l'oxyde d'éthylène

Par Daniel Corsand

Publié le vendredi 18 novembre 2011 à 08h19

The organic marvel

... without any plastic in its milk
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